Hi, I’m a freelance photographer living and working in Frankfurt, Germany. On my blog you’ll find a few of the pictures that I take every day and that I’d like to share with all of you :-). Cheers.

Did I mention that all pictures are real? Only cropping and toning are applied, unless otherwise mentioned.

You can contact me:  rumpenhorst|at|web.de

28 thoughts on “About

  1. So enthusiastic about your photo in Süddeutsche Zeitung, sept., 15th, ‘14; so are friends of mine. Is there a chance of sharing it?

  2. Dear Frank, thanks for your message.
    Describing would be faster by drawing.

    The scene of your photo:
    a platform of a railway station, the building on the right, looming dark,
    the clock showing h 7:.51 a.m.(?) –
    central and only figure is a station-master turned to the left –
    in the misty background an in-coming (?) train,“condensed” by your long distance lens.

    It’s such a marvel of precise coordination and timing.
    I’d very much enjoy viewing the picture in a better print than
    a newspaper can provide.

    kind regards, D.M.

  3. Mrs. Westberg, the painter Ribera, and the photographer Rumpenhorst – a phantasmic combination.
    Congratulations, D.M.

  4. Hallo Frank, habe gerade deine “Gänseblümchen kurz vor Weihnachten” in der Zeitung gesehen und mich gefreut. Liebe Grüße und schöne Weihnachtsfeiertage wünscht dir Christian Eggers aus Kiel.

  5. While I was searching Rosa Liksom, Finnish artist, I found myself in you amazing blog. Your photography is so impressive. Things become as a great masterpiece through your camera. Art is the center of your all photographs. There are so many photographs I loved so much. Thank you, My Best wishes for the New Year, Love, nia

  6. Hallo Herr Rumpenhorst,
    ich habe heute das Interview mit Ihnen in der Rheinpfalz gelesen, Ihre Antworten und Ansichten haben mich sofort angesprochen. Ihre HP hier gibt mir als Hobby Fotograf tolle Impulse und ich freue mich darauf Ihnen folgen zu können.
    Viele Grüße
    Timo Willberger

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