A Dog’s Perspective of the new Old Town

Dogs visit Frankfurt’s new old town. It took years of construction to more or less rebuild the ancient heart of the city between Römer City Hall and the Cathedral that was destroyed in WWII. Although not completely finished yet, it is now open for the public (and dogs). The shops and cafes still have to move in. In September there will be a huge 3 day celebration to welcome the old town into the city.


The Goat and Eiger Nordwand

A goat attempts to spoil this otherwise perfectly boring image of  the Eiger (3,970 meters or 13,020 ft) in the Swiss Alps near Grindelwald, July.17.

The mountain’s north face seen here, named Nordwand, is the biggest north face in the Alps (1,800 meters or 5,900 ft) and one of the most challenging ascents in the world of mountain climbers.