A Dog’s Perspective of the new Old Town

Dogs visit Frankfurt’s new old town. It took years of construction to more or less rebuild the ancient heart of the city between Römer City Hall and the Cathedral that was destroyed in WWII. Although not completely finished yet, it is now open for the public (and dogs). The shops and cafes still have to move in. In September there will be a huge 3 day celebration to welcome the old town into the city.


Sagrada Familia

The ceiling of the Sagrada familia cathedral in Barcelona, the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world (photo taken in December 2017). The architect, Antoni Gaudí, one of the most famous figures of Catalan culture, spent over 40 years designing the cathedral until 1926 when he died.

Spring Cleaning

Employees of a disposal company use buckets to remove red mud from the fountain at Sprudelhof (‘fountain court’) in Bad Nauheim, north of Frankfurt, Apr. 6. About ten cubic metres ( 353,147 ft3) of the substance that accumulates over the course of a year due to the mineral-rich water has to be removed and disposed of every spring. Sprudelhof was built as a central spa complex in Jugendstil (art nouveau) style between 1905 and 1911.