On a Wind Turbine

Two technicians (and me) standing on a 120 meter high (393 ft) wind turbine in the Rhön mountain area, some 140 kms (87 mls) northeast of Frankfurt, May 15.

(Taken with an Irix 11mm f4 lens on a full frame Canon 5d IV, quite an extreme rectilinear wide-angle…)

Olympic Training at Night

Marco Koch (bottom), the men’s 200-meter breaststroke world champion in 2015, during a nighttime training session at Darmstadt’s Nordbad, some 45 kms (28 mls) south of Frankfurt, July 14, just a few days before flying to Rio to take part in the Olympics. The scene is lit by floodlight and two remotely triggered studio flashlights positioned diagonally left and right.