Spring Cleaning

Employees of a disposal company use buckets to remove red mud from the fountain at Sprudelhof (‘fountain court’) in Bad Nauheim, north of Frankfurt, Apr. 6. About ten cubic metres ( 353,147 ft3) of the substance that accumulates over the course of a year due to the mineral-rich water has to be removed and disposed of every spring. Sprudelhof was built as a central spa complex in Jugendstil (art nouveau) style between 1905 and 1911.

Unity Figures

A tourist from Beijing poses for a photo among little ‘Einheitsmännchen’ (roughly translating into ‘German Unity figures’), created by concept artist Ottmar Hörl and inspired by the symbol shown on pedestrian signals in former East Germany. More than 1,000 little green, black, red and yellow plastic figures will be on display until 27 September as the city prepares for the national celebration of the 25th anniversary of Germany’s unification.

the next frame made into the Guardian:

Nacht der Museen (Night of the Museums) in Frankfurt

Click through the gallery to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s “Nacht der Museen” (Night of the Museums) that took place April 25/26. 45 museums were open until 2.00 am, some 38.000 people came to watch and to party.