Full Body Masks – 100 Years Old

Dancing costumes and masks, created and used by artist Lavinia Schulz (1896-1924) for her appearances in Expressionist theater in the early 1920s, are on display at Frankfurt’s Schirn Kunsthalle, Nov.10.

Photos taken with deliberate movement of camera (Sony RX100) during exposure)

A Finnish Artist

liksomthree liksomtwo liksomone liksomfour
Rosa Liksom from Finland at her photo exhibition named “Burka”, depicting women in blue Afghan burkas in Finnish landscape. The versatile artist is also present at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct 8 thru 12) with her new book named ‘Compartment No. 6’ (‘Hytti nro 6’ in Finnish, ‘Abteil Nr.6’ in German).
(This portrait shooting with the very friendly artist took about two minutes, just before the exhibition was opened.)