The traditional Bakery

Richard Kling in his bakehouse at Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen district where I visited him last night. Kling usually works at least six days a week from midnight until 7.00 am. Traditional bakeries like this one are a dying trade – in 1975 some 300 independent bakeries were registered in Frankfurt. Today, only 18 are left.

The Old Gingerbread Bakery

Gingerbread being hand-made at Willi Baumann’s bakery in Reichelsheim-Beerfurth in the Odenwald region, some 70 kms (42 mls) south of Frankfurt, Dec. 1. The family business is one of oldest in the Odenwald and operates in the 11th generation, baking gingerbread as it did in 1785 without coloring, flavor enhancer or preservatives. Customers queue right in the bakehouse, buying ‘lebkuchen’ as it comes right out of the coal-heated oven.