What may look like a very remotely located beer festival on a gray day actually is a very remotely located beer festival on a gray day on Walberla mountain about halfway between Bamberg and Nuremberg in Franconia, Bavaria, May 03. The ‘Walberlafest’ can be traced back to 9th century May celebrations on this site with its stunning view (and its strange name) that was already populated in the Bronze Age.

Frankfurt’s Oktoberfest

Visitors in dirndls and lederhosen are on their way to attend the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt, Sep. 25, a smaller version of the traditional Munich beer festival. Some 2.500 people dressed up in modernized versions of Alpine leather breeches and dresses gather every night (Sep.18 thru Oct.11) for heavy partying (and beer drinking).

Typical Frankfurt Kiosk

Typical Frankfurt Kiosk

An old, typical Frankfurt kiosk, pictured at the city’s Bockenheim district, March 26. Kiosks or ‘Wasserhäuschen’ (Water Houses) were established here in the second half of the 19th century to offer clean drinking water to workers and to prevent them from drinking beer or even Schnaps instead. Kiosks nowadays offer rather newspapers, lottery tickets, cigarettes – and beer. More than 25.000 kiosks can be found throughout Germany.