Falling Tower

The second cooling tower of the nuclear power plant in Biblis, some 70 kms (43 mls) south of Frankfurt, collapses during its controlled demolition. The power plant was shut down in 2011 following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in a political decision to phase-out nuclear power in Germany.

On a Wind Turbine

Two technicians (and me) standing on a 120 meter high (393 ft) wind turbine in the Rhön mountain area, some 140 kms (87 mls) northeast of Frankfurt, May 15.

(Taken with an Irix 11mm f4 lens on a full frame Canon 5d IV, quite an extreme rectilinear wide-angle…)

A Morning at the Power Plant

A coal train arrives at the Westhafen power plant before daybreak in Frankfurt, Feb. 17. The combined heat and power plant (CHP) is fired with coal imported from the U.S and from Russia. Germany’s shift to renewable power sources has brought the share of green electricity up to about 25% – but the rest of the energy mix has become even more heavily concentrated on coal, which now accounts for some 45% of power generation.