Vasa Museum

A view of the Vasa (or Wasa) Museum in Stockholm, Aug.24. The Vasa, a Swedish warship, sank in 1628 after sailing just 1,300 meters (1,400 yd) during her maiden voyage. She was salvaged in 1961 with the wooden hull still mainly intact and was sprayed with polyethylene glycol for 17 years… A museum was later built around the reconstructed ship that became one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions.

Nacht der Museen (Night of the Museums) in Frankfurt

Click through the gallery to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s “Nacht der Museen” (Night of the Museums) that took place April 25/26. 45 museums were open until 2.00 am, some 38.000 people came to watch and to party.

Staedel Museum Celebrates

A tuba player of the HR Symphonieorchster (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) gets ready for playing in front of Gerhard Richter’s 1967 painting named “Großer Vorhang” (Big Curtain) during a ceremony marking the 200th anniversary of Frankfurt’s renowned Staedel museum, March 15. A grand public celebration was held with a diverse program and free admission for everyone.

Cologne Wandering Part II

Spent another morning in Cologne (Feb.24). This time, my camera felt like taking color pictures.