One Year of War in Ukraine

A woman with angel wings in Ukrainian colors stands in front of the Old Opera House in Frankfurt during a demonstration on Feb. 24, marking the first¬†anniversary of Russia’s invasion of¬†Ukraine – a war that killed thousands and forced eight million Ukrainians to leave their homes and flee abroad.



The crypt of the Frauenfrieden (Women’s Peace) catholic church in Frankfurt, March 26, that was completed in 1929. It is regarded as an example of interwar modernist church architecture in Germany and was meant to represent a prayer for peace in stone and and to serve as a memorial for the fallen of World War I.

100 Years ago: Propaganda for Kids

100 Years ago: Propaganda for Kids

A French soldier is ridiculed in a German children’s book printed in the year 1915 during World War I. A small exhibition at the department of youth literature of Frankfurt’s university highlights some sad examples of propaganda meant to entertain the younger generation of that time. WW I began almost 100 years ago on July 28, 1914.