Murderous Hands

Murderous Hands

A former mayor of a city in Rwanda sits in a coutroom in Frankfurt, Feb.18, shortly before being sentenced to 14 years in jail for organizing one of the massacres in the 1994 genocide. This was was the first case heard in Germany related to the genocide in Rwanda.

3 thoughts on “Murderous Hands

  1. It is all very, very sad indeed. Prosecutors in fact had called for a life sentence. The trial went on for four years and finding and questioning unbiased witnesses some 10.000 kilometers (6.000 mls) away after 20 years apparently was no easy task. The judges never visited the country, though, nor did they look at the scene of the crime or speak to Rwandans there.
    Under the legal principle of universal jurisdiction, genocide can be punished anywhere in the world,

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