A lynx at the Hanau Wildpark, taken June 9. The orginal population of the Eurasian Lynx in Germany was already exterminated in 1850. After being reintroduced in the 1990s the lynx nowadays can be found (or could be – it is mainly a nocturnal hunter and very reclusive) in mountainous areas and national parks.

Cologne Wandering Part II

Spent another morning in Cologne (Feb.24). This time, my camera felt like taking color pictures.

Cologne Wandering

Walked through Cologne today (Feb.23), Germany’s fourth largest and one the oldest cities in the country. The cathedral ( ‘Dom’) is its  most famous monument. Construction began in 1248 and was only completed in 1880.

Limburg in black and white

Walked through Limburg, a town some 70 kms (42 mls) northwest of Frankfurt, after completing a job there. I somehow felt it was a day for black and white. (Dec. 09)

Limburg Cathedral

Limburg Cathedral

An inside view of the catholic cathedral in Limburg, some 70 kms (42 mls) northwest of Frankfurt, taken Feb.19. The building in late Romanesque style is located on a rock above the old town and is visible from far away. Construction began around 1190, consecration was in 1235.