Limburg in black and white

Walked through Limburg, a town some 70 kms (42 mls) northwest of Frankfurt, after completing a job there. I somehow felt it was a day for black and white. (Dec. 09)

3 thoughts on “Limburg in black and white

  1. Fantastic high contrast black and white series. Limburg seems like a nice city! In Holland we have a province called Limburg, quite lovely too!

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

    Kind regards,

    • Bedankt! Limburg in fact is quite nice, at least the old part of it. Have never really been to the Limburg province, although I faintly remember a short stay in Maastricht during the carnival season…

      • Graag gedaan 🙂 Ah, I should visit it, but it is a 3,5 hour drive from my home..

        Maastricht is in Limburg indeed. Oh god, the carnival season. Good to see you survived 😉 It takes out the best and worst in people from the south of Holland 😉

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