Kalmar Castle

The castle in Kalmar (and a tree), southeastern Sweden, Aug.19. In 1397, one of the most significant political events in Scandinavia took place in this fortress when the Kalmar Union was formed – a union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which then included Finland.

Castle Outline

Castle Outline

The outlines of Braunfels (“Brown Rock”) castle are visible in front of a sunset sky above the town of Braunfels (named after the castle), some 70 kms (42 mls) north of Frankfurt, Dec.16. The castle dates back to the 13th century and quite some building work was done over the centuries.

Shoe fashion – Roman Style

Shoe fashion - Roman Style

A member of a group that re-enacts ancient Roman life wears replicas of legionaires’ boots and talks to friends holding shields at the Saalburg castellum near Bad Homburg, north of Frankfurt, Oct.16. The Saalburg was reconstructed about a hunderd years ago at the original site of a castellum on the limes that marked the ancient border between the Roman empire and the territory of the Germanic tribes.